Coupon Organization

When I first started doing coupons I used the binder method of organization. I would clip EVERY coupon and file it in baseball card holders in a three ring binder. While this method was convenient when seeing sales or clearance in the store (very easy to flip through and look for coupon match-up) it was just TOO time consuming and I always felt behind! So, I switched to the file folders. :) And I LOVE IT! My folders are right by my computer and as I check email or whatever I quickly check my favorite blogs and then pull out whatever coupon is needed and clip it then and stick it in my small coupon organizer. (it has 5 for each store by me)

In the first file I keep the circulars for the stores that week.
I just write the dates on the folders....
...and keep all the inserts that came in that particular week's paper.

I like this method for these reasons:
1. I never clip a coupon I DON'T use!
2. I don't have to go through and find all the expired coupons.
3. It's VERY easy to locate coupons when they're mentioned on blogs/websites.

I don't like this method for this reason:
--occasionally I will miss a deal. :( And we all know what a bummer that is! ;)